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East to West

Our day started at 7am as we hit the road out of Christchurch to Fox Glacier (via Arthur’s Pass). Our GPS told us the journey would take 5 1/2 hours…. well it technically took 14 hours after all our stops and hikes!!

Our first stop was the limestone boulders of Castle Hill Rocks which we had fun climbing & exploring.

Castle Hill Rocks The area was once covered by an inland sea around 30 million years ago!

Castle Hill Rocks view looking back to the car park.

The drive through Arthur’s Pass is amazing with spectacular views around every turn.

Arthur’s Pass.

One of many random stream we pulled over at.

Ever get the feeling someone is stalking you!! Nice paparazzi skills Ashley.

We had only planned to stop in Arthur’s Pass village for some lunch and a quick explore but ended up staying about 3 hours. We hiked a few trails to waterfalls and a nature trail which Ashley was excited about (never take an ecologist on a nature walk!)

Latte Bowl from Arthur’s Pass cafe. Coffee was the size of my head!

Yay for waterfalls!

Avalanche Creek Falls

Devil’s Punchbowl. Climbed the 150 metre vertical hike to the top with a full camera bag & 3 layers of clothing….. took it out of me!

Buttercup Flower from our walk through Sub-Alpine Heath (all big words from Ashley)

Sub-Alpine Heath nature walk up and down hills.

Otira Viaduct. Built in 1999 to replace the old road as it was prone to rock slides. The area is a active seismic region which made construction tricky.

Last stop for the day was Hokitika Gorge. The Hokitika river flows through the gorge with a glowing blue colour. The colour is formed by glacier rock sediment.

Hokitika Gorge.

Hokitika Gorge.

Very unstable swing bridge over the Hokitika River.

Crazy German tourist’s jumping off the swing bridge. One struggled to get back to shore. The water was only about 8 degrees!

The long day of travel finished with us arriving to Fox Glacier in darkness. We had a great day exploring but definitely needed a good nights sleep!

Exploring Fox & Franz Josef Glacier region to come….

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